E-scooter rider charged with drink driving

An e-scooter rider failed a breath test

An e-scooter rider has been arrested in Wisbech for being over twice the legal limit for alcohol. - Credit: Policing Fenland

Police have charged an e-scooter rider in Wisbech for drink driving and not having insurance.  

Alexsandr Cembukov, of Cotterell Way, Wisbech, was over twice the legal limit of alcohol in a roadside breath test.

His reading was 72 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 micrograms.

The 56-year-old has been bailed to appear at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on July 5.

His charges are for driving a motor vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit and not having insurance.

Police released details this afternoon following a day of action tackling e-scooter riders in Wisbech this week.

Officers in the town centre spoke to 18 people, issued seven leaflets and offered advice to seven others.

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It comes following numerous calls and messages from concerned members of the public about e-scooters in public places.

There have also been reports of them being used dangerously and by drug dealers.

Sergeant David Arnold said: “As a neighbourhood team we tackle the issues the local community feel most strongly about and over the past few weeks we have received a lot of calls and messages around the increased use of e-scooters.”

Police can issue a warning to those riding an e-scooter in an anti-social manner and can be in a position to seize the scooter if ignored.

He added: “It is important people abide by the law around use of electric scooters.

“They are only legal to ride on private land with the landowner’s permission or as part of a government trial.

“Penalties for riding them in public can result in penalty points, a fine and the vehicle being seized.

“In busy areas, e-scooters can be highly dangerous, with many having a maximum speed of 15mph or over and those who knowingly and persistently break the law will be dealt with robustly.”

The outcome from the day was posted on the Policing Fenland Facebook page where it was also revealed other riders have been issued with Section 59 warnings this week.

A Section 59 warning allows the police to issue drivers a warning if officers believe a vehicle has been used in a manner which causes “alarm, distress or annoyance”.

Two children riding e-scooters were also stopped, and their parents advised on the current legislation behind the latest craze.

On Thursday (June 3), another e-scooter rider received a year-long driving ban for crashing into a van in Cambridge when he was almost double the legal alcohol limit.

Przemyslaw Zakaszewski, 37, of Elkin Road, admitted charges of drink driving, driving with no insurance and to driving without a licence at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court.

He was also handed a £450 fine.

Last month, a 78-year-old woman suffered horrific injuries after being knocked over by an e-scooter rider in Wisbech town centre.

Sergeant Arnold also urged anyone who is aware of an e-scooter being used illegal to contact the police.