Woman, 78, suffers horrific injuries after e-scooter hit-and-run

Voi E-scooters are introduced during a trial scheme in Cambridge. Residents and visitors to the city

Police say they are taking action against the use of illegal e-scooters in Wisbech. - Credit: PA

Police say action will be taken against illegal e-scooter riders after a 78-year-old was knocked down in a hit-and-run in Wisbech.

The woman's injuries are too horrific to be published, but she suffered a black eye and severe bruising to her face in the incident.

She also hasn’t left her home since it happened last week. 

Fenland councillor Billy Rackley, with the permission of her family, posted a photograph of her injuries on social media prompting outcry from residents.

Hundreds commented on the post with many sharing their experiences of near-misses with e-scooters in the town centre, at parks and even on pavements.

Cllr Rackley said: “E-scooters are illegal and they shouldn’t be out in public spaces. They’re a menace and these riders are not insured.

“I see them whizzing around, they pass by at a rate of knots and many people have almost been hit by them. I’m very angry about what has happened to this lady.

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“The police presence is poor in Wisbech and it’s brought up at every town council meeting. Everyone is very concerned and this is yet another issue which is getting out of control.”

Councillor Billy Rackley

"E-scooters are illegal and they shouldn’t be out in public spaces," Cllr Billy Rackley (pictured) says. - Credit: Fenland District Council

A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire Police said officers are taking the issue seriously and are planning a day of action.

During their regular patrols in the town, he said officers do speak with e-scooter riders to make sure they are aware of the current law.

However, the spokesperson added, a key issue is that many are not aware of the legislation.

He said: “[E-scooters] are only legal to ride on private land with the landowner’s permission or as part of a government trial.

“Penalties for riding them in public can result in penalty points, a fine and the vehicle being seized.

“In busy areas, e-scooters can be highly dangerous, with many having a maximum speed of 15mph or over and those who knowingly and persistently break the law will be dealt with robustly.”

Anyone who is aware of an e-scooter being used illegally or has been in a collision with one is urged to contact the police.

The 78-year-old was injured in town on May 4 when she was knocked over on the exit of Little Church Street, outside the Britannia Café. The rider didn’t stop.

Her son said: “Mum is a strong woman but this has really knocked her confidence. She’s now terrified to go out.

“She couldn’t see out of her eye for three days after it happened. It could’ve blinded her and the outcome could’ve been much worse.

“Something needs to be done about these e-scooters, they’re fast and very dangerous.”

Government legislation around e-scooters is available here.