Takeaway delivery service Deliveroo has revealed the top dishes that residents of Wisbech are loving.


Their data shows that locals can't get enough of chicken, with the KFC boneless banquet being the most popular dish in town.

Having launched there three months ago, they have also found Saturday to be the night that residents prefer to stay at home with a Deliveroo.

8pm is the optimum time for ordering in and American food is favoured the most, followed by British and Middle Eastern.

Most popular dishes ordered in Wisbech during first three months on Deliveroo:

  1. Boneless Banquet from KFC

  2. Cod from Tonys Fish Kebab

  3. Donner Nan from King Kebab & Pizzas

  4. British Semi Skimmed Milk 2 pint from Morrisons

  5. Chilli Cheese Nuggets from King Kebab & Pizzas

Deliveroo's data also states that 60 per cent of the restaurants available to order from in Wisbech are local independents.