It’s Murder on a Skype Call - new radio play for today

Murder on a Skype Call is on the Cambridge radio station, Cam FM on June 18 at 7pm

Murder on a Skype Call is on the Cambridge radio station, Cam FM on June 18 at 7pm - Credit: Archant

Can you murder someone on a Skye call? Tune in to Cambridge radio station Cam FM to find out

A new comedy, Murder on the Skype Call, will be broadcast on the radio, on Cam FM on Thursday, June 18.

The play, written by Cambridge student Felix Enslin, is part of ADC online.

The ADC is the oldest student theatre in England.

The show grapples with the seemingly impossible idea of a murder taking place while on a Skype call, offering a comedic take on quarantine life.

Enslin says: This is my attempt to express how ludicrous trying to conduct a semblance of our normal lives via video call can be. The idea of a spoof murder mystery set on Skype struck me as the perfect outlet to poke fun at the madness of a world suddenly lived online, while remaining crucially disconnected from reality, both in context and content.”

This 30 minute radio comedy has been brought to life by the collaboration of four comedians with the guidance of the director and writer communicating over an online video conferencing platform.

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Jenny Hay, director and philosophy student at St Catherines said: “It’s been great fun working on such a weird, absurdist take on the murder mystery genre. While creative collaboration during lockdown brings a whole new set of challenges, from dodgy internet connections to figuring out how best to record audio at home. It’s definitely been worth it.”

The comedy is on air at 7pm. See: