REVIEW: The Incredibles 2 - superhero family return for funny, female-empowering second round of crime fighting

Stay at home dad Bob and baby Jack-Jack in The Incredbles 2.

Stay at home dad Bob and baby Jack-Jack in The Incredbles 2. - Credit: Archant

Everyone’s favourite superhero family return for a funny, empowering second round of crime fighting - though this time the roles are reversed as Mr Incredible is left at home to look after the children while Elastagirl saves the world...

Everyone’s favourite superhero family return in The Incredibles 2.

Everyone’s favourite superhero family return in The Incredibles 2. - Credit: Archant

In the era of #MeToo, The Incredibles 2’s feminist message comes at the perfect time: arriving in cinemas 14 years after the original, a lot has changed in the real world and where this eye-popping sequel shines is the way it addresses misogynism, sexism and the dated belief that mums should stay at home with the kids while dads go to work.

As Helen (Elastagirl) is called on to lead a campaign to make Supers legal again, Bob navigates the day-to-day heroics of normal life at home: helping Dash with his maths homework, trying to be a shoulder to cry on for heartbroken teenage daughter Violet, and learning to manage baby Jack-Jack, whose multitude of superpowers are quickly discovered.

The role reversal is hilarious to watch as Bob struggles with juggling everything he thought would be so simple; and originally finding it hard to believe wife Helen could save the world on her own - in fact, she does a much better job.

The villain-chasing scenes are just as fast-paced, spectacular and eye-popping as they were first time round. There’s the return of fashion queen Edna Mode (whose gifted some brilliant one liners) and Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) too, and watching baby Jack Jack’s varying powers present themselves makes for some hilarious set pieces - especially one involving a standoff with a racoon.

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Once again, Pixar and Disney manage to pack in plenty of metaphors for the adults watching, too. The hypnotising villain this time round, ScreenSlaver, is well-developed; essentially exploiting everyone’s dependence on TVs and phone screens, manipulating the fact that the art of conversation has been lost to his technologically-controlling advantage.

But the biggest achievement is how well the film subverts gender stereotypes; and that it leaves us with the hope there may be a third instalment on its way.

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