REVIEW: Grimsby is a laugh-a-minute comedy/action hit with hints of Bond


Grimsby - Credit: Archant

Sacha Baren Cohen’s latest foray into film is a laugh-a-minute rollercoaster ride taking in comedy and action.

With hints of James Bond, captivating car chases and frantic fight scenes mix with the shock, sometimes gross-out humour of his previous hits Borat and Bruno.

It’s all quite ridiculous, though not as shocking as the latter, thank goodness.

But certain scenes (remaining spoiler free, here) certainly do leave a bad taste in your mouth...

Then again, Baren Cohen doesn’t do things by half.

Australian funnywoman Rebel Wilson shines just as bright, playing Nobby’s (Baren-Cohen) couch potato new girlfriend - it’s just a shame she doesn’t appear more.