REVIEW: Adult only animation ‘Sausage Party’ is ridiculously rude and unbelievably crude

Sausage Party

Sausage Party - Credit: Archant

Ridiculously rude, unbelievably crude and sometimes verging on distasteful, Sausage Party is unlike any other movie you’ve seen.

Sprouting from the raunchy mind of Seth Rogen (‘This Is The End’ and ‘Bad Neighbours’), there are enough sexual innuendos here to last a lifetime.

Clocking in at just 83 minutes, the adult-only animation follows Frank, a horny sausage played by Rogen, on a quest to uncover the truth to his existence.

What follows is an extremely witty, sexually-charged, trip of (dis)enlightenment that touches on inequality, attitudes towards deformities, religion, dictatorship, Middle Eastern relations, same-sex relationships and the meaning of life. Yes, really.

Based on the premise that supermarket products sing gleefully and wait eagerly to be chosen by the Gods (human beings), talking bagels, tacos and even an angry douche – named douche, of course – stay fresh and in their packages so they can make it to ‘the Great Beyond’.

But what really happens when they become ‘chosen’ to leave the grocery store is not as it seems…

As well as protagonist Frank there’s his hotdog bun girlfriend Brenda Bunson (Kristen Wiig), deformed sausage friend Carl who turns his insecurities into power (Michael Cera) and a druggie human who first notices the food products are alive after taking bath salts (James Franco).

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Later in the film we meet Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton) a Jewish Woody Allen-esque bagel who has an on and off rivalry with Kareem Abdul Lavash. Their relationship focuses on a territorial struggle, though they both fall in love by the end.

Teresa del Taco (Salma Hayek) is a lesbian taco shell; and her lust for Brenda unearths deeper messages about LGBT acceptance…

After Sausage Party, you’ll never be able to look at everyday food products in the same way again.

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