Pick up a badminton racket at Peckover House this summer

Volunteers Marian Rowlands and Wendy Smith

Volunteers Marian Rowlands and Wendy Smith - Credit: Archant

Visitors to the National Trust’s Peckover House this summer will be helping to recreate scenes from the past.

Badminton at Bank House 1881

Badminton at Bank House 1881 - Credit: Archant

By picking up a racquet and playing a quick game of badminton on the back lawn, they will be continuing a very old tradition.

After an interval of many decades badminton nets are being put up on the lawn behind Peckover House and, as with the other games set out in the garden, visitors are invited to make full use of them.

“A Late Victorian photo in Peckover’s archives shows the ladies of the house playing a game of badminton on the back lawn, and we wanted to recreate this scene from the past,” said gardener-in-charge Allison Napier.

“We thought it would be nice to invite visitors to pick up a racquet and follow in the steps of the Peckover ladies.”

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Other games can be found in the garden too; big outdoor versions of dominoes, ludo, as well as noughts and crosses.

Visitors will be playing on the same lawn as Alexandrina, Anna Jane and Elizabeth Josephine in the late 1800s. The costumes will presumably be a little different though, Allison said.

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For more information call 01945 583463 or visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/peckover

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