Frozen II is a visually stunning musical adventure full of memorable songs - Into The Unknown could be as big as Let It Go

Visually stunning and with plenty of memorable songs, Frozen II brings everyone’s favourite animated family back together for their biggest journey yet.

The anticipation and hype for the sequel to the highest-grossing animation ever has been huge but, overall, the long wait has been worth it.

Most impressively, it's a masterpiece in animation: the Disney team bring natural elements including fire, wind and water to life brilliantly in a series of colourful and cinematically impressive set pieces.

While there's nothing here that quite reaches the inescapable heights of 'Let It Go', Elsa's big ballad moment 'Into The Unknown' - sung perfectly by Idina Menzel - is destined to be the runaway single of this movie.

Another character that gets a big showtune is everyone's favourite snowman, Olaf, who continues to be a scene-stealer. Played brilliantly by Josh Gad, he really showcases his voice in 'When I Am Older - a song which sees the permafrosted font of wisdom try to understand the complexities of life. A coming-of-age take on the delightfully naïve 'In Summer' from the first film, it's certainly one that you and your children will be singing on the car ride home.

When he isn't singing or being swept up by Gail (an appropriately-named gust of wind) Olaf is adorable as ever - whether he's dishing out witty one liners (with a knowing wink to the older members of the audience) or asking unknowingly clever questions.

One of the funniest moments of the sequel is when Olaf recaps what happened in the first film in just 10 seconds for a new set of characters that they meet on their adventure.

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Then there's the return of cinema's cutest reindeer, Sven, who tries to help his romantically bumbling friend Kristof (Jonathan Groff) with his marriage proposal to Anna (Kristen Bell).

A surprising moment is Kristof's big Meatloaf-style musical moment, 'Lost In The Woods', which gives him a barbershop quartet of reindeer - together, they somewhat resemble Queen in the iconic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' video.

The plot, meanwhile, is somewhat darker than the first movie: keen to pull on parents' heartstrings, it's about learning to move on after loss.

Once again, Disney have managed to balance the wonder for children with enough to keep the adults interested.

'Frozen II' is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. For screening dates, times and tickets visit

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