REVIEW: Brie Larson is empowering and warrior-like as Captain Marvel, bringing feminism to the forefront of the superhero saga

Captain Marvel (12A)

Captain Marvel (12A) - Credit: Archant

Fittingly released on International Women’s Day, Captain Marvel is an empowering and engaging addition to the superhero saga that packs a feminist message.

With Oscar winner Brie Larson taking the lead, as a kick-ass alien-fighting warrior, she’s the perfect fit - bringing a welcome dose of girl power to the big screen.

It’s all about the importance of not giving up as she fights off mysoginistc memories - being told she’s not strong enough, or simply that she can’t fly a plane because she’s not a man. The underlying message is of defiance and determination as our hero quickly proves herself as far smarter and quicker than the shapeshifting alien ‘Skrulls’ who are trying to extract information from her.

It’s great to see a female superhero protagonist blowing things up - including an actual Blockbuster store (well, it is set in 1995) - and laying waste to anyone - and anything (including an alien who has transformed into an innocent granny on the bus) - that gets in her way.

She has no qualms about stealing an arrogant man’s motorbike, going on to ride through the American desert in a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt while listening to 90s grunge (Garbage’s ‘Only Happy When It Rains’, to be precise) before stumbling upon a bar that’s got Street Fighter on the arcade.

It’s here that her evil-fighting partnership with Nick Fury develops: together they make for an engaging, charismatic pair.

And with the addition of Goose, a stronger-than-he looks ginger cat (with huge tentacles that come in very handy), they’re pretty much unstoppable.

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As ever with Marvel movies, there’s plenty of quick-witted humour and witty one-liners; “space invasion, car chase and alien autopsy - typical nine to five,” quips Fury.

As for the new additions to the Marvel universe, Jude Law is a great fit as Yon-Rog, and there’s even a blink and you’ll miss it cameo from Marvel comic books creator Stan Lee.

Engaging and empowering, Captain Marvel is a great entry into the expansive Marvel universe.

Captain Marvel is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. For screening dates, times and tickets visit

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