Bradley Cooper plays a bad boy comeback chef in ‘Burnt’ - out in cinemas now!

Bradley Cooper stars as bad boy chef Adam Jones

Bradley Cooper stars as bad boy chef Adam Jones - Credit: Archant

Bradley Cooper stars in this compelling drama about a bad boy chef on the comeback trail.

At 16, Adam Jones dropped out of school in the US and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. Determined to become a Michelin starred chef, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. But success came at a price. Having achieved too much too young, he became locked into a downward spiral of drug-driven debauchery and lost everything. Today, his contemporaries think Adam (Bradley Cooper) is dead. But he’s not. He’s in London, determined to take the restaurant scene by storm again. But can this driven and demanding superstar chef really conquer his demons and beat the odds stacked against him? This is a deeply emotional and surprisingly funny tale of obsession and second chances from director John Wells and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Steven Knight. The superb supporting cast includes Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson.

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