REVIEW: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are dynamite duo in ‘Bad Boys For Life’ - an action-filled sequel to the 1995 original

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back on screen together in Bad Boys For Life, the sequel to the a

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back on screen together in Bad Boys For Life, the sequel to the action-filled original that was released in 1995. Picture: LIGHT CINEMA WISBECH - Credit: Archant

‘One last time’ is the recurring theme behind ‘Bad Boys For Life’, the action-filled fast-paced sequel that’s hit cinemas 25 years since the original.

Getting the Bad Boys Mike (played by Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) back together has been a long time coming, but they still make for a great on-screen pairing.

What separates them this time is their contrasting lives: Mike is still up for car chases and dangerous shootouts but Marcus has become a family man and is more than happy to hang up his cop boots and live a more relaxed and safe life.

He prefers to relax on the sofa listening to meditative podcasts and with his wife on spa days: the difference between them is stark.

But there's something stirring deep inside - an unscratchable itch that leaves Mark bored at home without his cop buddy - that leads him back to re-joining his long-time investigative partner.

Together, there are plenty of funny moments - as Marcus refuses to break the speed limit anymore and his biggest concern is getting his son's baby wipes to his wife's spa session in time.

He's conflicted, wanting to do what's right for his family, but equally left without a choice but to try and track down whoever it is that's trying to kill his best friend.

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Taking place in the shady world of underground cartels and violent crime, there's bloody moments that make it feel as though this sequel should have been given an 18 rating.

Once again, the action scenes are frenetically fast-paced, loud and brutal. The further you get into the film the more ridiculous it becomes: fans of the Fast and Furious series will love the preposterous of it all.

And the twist right at the end provides a sting in the tail that you definitely won't be expecting.

Bad Boys For Life is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech.

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