Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn make for an unlikely comedy duo in ‘Snatched’

Amy Schumer in Snatched.

Amy Schumer in Snatched. - Credit: Archant

Controversial comedian Amy Schumer teams up with Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn for ‘Snatched’, and together they make quite an unlikely comedy pairing - even in the face of kidnap and potential death.

Boasting Schumer’s sharp wit and Hawn’s relatable parental concerns, there are enough laughs - and genuinely hilarious scenes - to sustain its slightly ridiculous plot.

Down on her luck, slightly deluded, optimist Emily (Amy Schumer) has just been fired from her job as a sales assistant - for bearing her soul to unwitting customers - before she gets dumped by her rockstar-in-waiting boyfriend.

To put it politely, things aren’t going too great for her; and to make matter’s worse, this all happens just before she’s meant to go on a non-refundable trip to Ecuador.

After going back to her family home, Emily finds her mum Linda (Goldie Hawn) is struggling to find love, having been traded in by her former husband for a younger woman, and her brother is still as annoying as she remembers: cue constant squabbling.

Despite a feminist speech encouraging mum to join her on the “pilgrimage”, Linda still refuses - worried about the dangers of the outside world.

But when she finds out Emily booked it non-refundable – “help me put the fun in non-refundable” is Schumer’s desperate plea - the pair set off on their journey.

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Though it soon turns out to be a lot crazier and wilder than they could have ever expected. Even after a warning that 1 in 4 tourists in South America get kidnapped, Emily refuses to believe it.

Though it soon turns out to be a case of mother knows best, as worldwide search missions and accidental killings ensue after she falls for adventurous, world travelling James (Tom Bates) who Emily soon realises is not quite so charming and innocent.

Set pieces concerning dog rapists, Goldie Hawn trying to stay calm by reading a porn magazine and watching a parasite being extracted from Amy Schumer’s mouth like an exorcism all make for entertaining viewing.

In comparison to Schumer’s last movie, ‘Trainwreck’, which was more of a ‘Bridesmaids’-style rom-com, ‘Snatched’ has more poignant themes at its heart, like mother-daughter relationships and the importance of family.

‘Snatched’ is now showing at The Light Cinema in Wisbech. Visit for times, dates and to book.