REVIEW: A Quiet Place: Part 2 is a masterclass in horror

A Quiet Place: Part II is now showing at cinemas

A Quiet Place: Part II is now showing at cinemas - Credit: LIGHT CINEMA

It’s not often that horror films leave you feeling moved and emotionally drained, but then A Quiet Place Part II (and its impeccable predecessor) is far from your average horror movie.

In fact, it’s as much of a psychological thriller as it is a blood-splattered blockbuster.

The set pieces - scattered modestly throughout the running time, ensuring the gore never overtakes the storyline - are executed in a way that warrants the cinema ticket price alone.

Meanwhile, the monsters, with their immeasurable arms, look somehow even more menacing than before - one glimpse is enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone that dares get in their way (even through the screen).

However, as with the original film, it’s in the moments where silence proves most powerful that the tension is really built; combined with an emotive narrative, the overall result is a real edge of your seat piece of filmmaking.

The cast are brilliant throughout; Emily Blunt’s unwavering determination to protect her family at any cost is conveyed effortlessly through whispers and pained facial expressions.

Her children’s resourcefulness and will to adapt prove just as crucial to the journey too, thanks to stellar performances from Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds.

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This time around, it’s an exploration of brother and sister finding the strength within themselves - channeling their struggle and anger in the most appropriate way possible (without giving too much away).

Very rarely do sequels match up to the original (especially in the horror genre), but A Quiet Place bucks that trend with ease.

Part three (there has to be!) really cannot come quick enough.