REVIEW: One of the best modern thrillers, ‘A Quiet Place’ is innovative, affecting and genuinely scary

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place - Credit: Archant

Silence really is deafening in ‘A Quiet Place’ - one of the best horrors of recent years.

Full of suspense though mostly silent, the deeply affecting thriller follows a family living desperately and barefooted, in a post-apocalyptic world where any noise wakes a blood-lusting creature.

With a stunning orchestral score that’s packed with heartache overlaid for the viewer’s ears only, there’s little to no talking in most of the film - which makes the acting even more impressive.

Only able to whisper and use sign language, it’s the pained facial expressions from parents Emily Blunt and John Krasinski that do all the talking - emotional, and showing a longing to escape, the performances are immediately believable and compelling.

As are the young brother (Noah Jupe) and older sister (Millicent Simmonds); who long for a normal childhood.

While they may not be able to share the feelings towards one another vocally, the family’s close relationship is effortlessly portrayed when they hold hands at the dinner table and pray before their meal; even playing Monopoly in silence.

And as the sound of a battery powered plane proves, and later an unfortunate animal who squeals at the wrong moment, being quiet as a mouse is essential.

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They creatures can’t see, but if they sense any fraction of movement, or the slightest unusual noise, the Resident Evil-like hunters will strike.

As the couple - expecting a third addition to their young family - dance with an earphone each to their favourite song, and when the mum listens to her baby’s heartbeat through the stethoscope, it makes you appreciate the simple pleasures in life that we often take for granted.

One tear-jerking scene, where the father and son are out by the river, is genuinely moving as it’s the only place they’re allowed to open their mouths properly and let out any noise.

You’d struggle to find a horror or thriller that’s as innovative, emotional and genuinely scary as ‘A Quiet Place’.

‘A Quiet Place’ is now showing at the Light Cinema in Wisbech. Go to for screening dates and times.