Wisbech to link up with Leverington in bid to salvage collapse of reserve side

WISBECH Town’s players are set to sign for Leverington as part of a special deal to counter the collapse of the Fenmen’s reserve side.

The club decided to withdraw the reserves from Kershaw Senior A on Saturday after joint managers Mark Jimson and Mel Mattless resigned over a lack of players.

But Wisbech have negotiated a link-up with Peterborough Premier Division side Leverington, which will be “beneficial to both clubs”.

The Fenmen’s players will sign for Leverington, along with any reserves and under-18s who wish to do so. This will allow fringe players and young talents playing time when they are not needed by the first team. Leverington’s players will also be able to sign for Wisbech - and will be drafted into the squad as required.

Wisbech boss Steve Appleby said: “This, to me, is a no-brainer. Of course we wanted to keep the reserves but that was always going to be difficult given the lack of players who were willing to commit and the limited timeframe which a new manager would have to deal with.

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“This link-up is, in my mind, the next best thing. Leverington approached us when they heard of the reserves situation and one quote from their chairman was that local clubs need to be more friendly with one another.

“As I see it, if Wisbech can forge closer links with another club in the town, that can only be a good thing.”

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Clubman Jimson, who will now play for Leverington, admitted he was distraught to resign as the reserves joint boss.

“It was a combination of things,” he said. “I tried my hardest to put a side together and it was like banging my head against a brick wall.

“Everybody was really positive after we stayed up at the end of last season but now they aren’t coming to training. It’s just not worked out and I’m absolutely gutted.

“I feel guilty as hell over the situation that it’s left the club in because it’s not the way I like to do things. I wanted to build something, staying up was just the start.”

The one-year deal with Leverington, which will be reviewed in the spring, will also mean that the pitches at the Elgood’s Fenland Stadium are used less and have more time to recover

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