Sharp-shooting Wisbech archer performs incredibly rare ‘Robin Hood’ shot

A SHARP-SHOOTING archer from Wisbech Grammar School has notched up an achievement worthy of the most famous bowman in English history.

Simeon Grundy, 17, achieved a ‘Robin Hood’ - an incredibly rare feat where one arrow is shot into the back of another - at a meeting of the school’s archery club.

Archery coach Sean Fox removed the tip of the split aluminium arrow and presented the trophy to sharp-shooter, Simeon.

The teenager already holds the red Archery GB Progress Award badge, currently the highest level archery award offered at the school.

He said: “I was really proud to have done it. Another club member had already hit a plastic bottle tied on to the target in front of the bull’s eye and I was aiming for it and it was my last arrow of the day.”

Mr Fox said: “I have never managed to do this. At my club where I shoot, Ely Archers, it only happens about once a year. Now everybody at the school is aiming to repeat the feat.”