Runners keep fit with Christmas challenges as Dawn conquers marathon test

Three Counties club member Tracey Else was at it again by keeping teammates fit and occupied in the run-up to Christmas.

Members took part in the ‘12 days of Christmas’ fitness challenge, where members take on two different exercises each day and perform one rep of one exercise, two reps of the second, three reps of the first until 12 reps have been completed.

TCRC’s own version of ‘five days of Christmas’ is a running challenge to the song ‘12 days of Christmas’.

Members must search for a list of different items, such as two tractors turning and four bird street names, take pictures as evidence and then win points while wearing their favourite Christmas outfit.

Bonus points are also awarded for other pictures taken, including a goose and a musical instrument.

TCRC member Dawn Ball took part in the virtual Manchester Marathon, where she ran a combined 26.2 miles in 3:42:30 during October.

Dawn also competed in the first series of the winter 10k trials at Haughley Park, which proved hazardous in some areas due to the inclement weather.

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She finished 59th out of 148 runners in a watch time of 53:51.