Runners get by with help from their friends for virtual relay

Three Counties Running Club were able to get by with a little help from their friends at their latest event.

The Hereward Relay, hosted by March AC over November 28-29 and covers over 39 miles as far as possible along the Hereward Way, had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The route is usually a fun one at this time of the year with it being a trail course, as runners can keep occupied whilst running normally fog, rain, snow and trying to dodge lots of mud.

So, instead of running from Peterborough to Ely, runners joined up with March and Fenland Running Club to take part in a virtual relay, where teams had to cover the same distance but run it locally on their own or in a pair.

Leg 1 consisted of 6.9 miles, leg 2 was 10.5 miles, leg 3 covered 11.5 miles and leg 4 was 10.9 miles. Legs 3 and 4 were split into two to allow runners still building the miles or returning from injury to join in.

TCRC showed a great response and fielded eight teams for the event.


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1st - Three men and a Coq

Andi Woolley, Steve Bennington, Daniel Barnes and Lee Johnson. Total time: 4 hours, 28 minutes, 33 seconds.

2nd - Mums on the Run

Jodie Lee, Dawn Ball, Vicki Drake and Amy Baxter. Total time: 5:35:54.

3rd - Three Men and a Lady

Richard Stapleton, Kersten Müller, Matthew Knott and Tracey Else. Total time: 5:36:16.

4th- The WB’s

Steve Whitelam, Jonny Clark, Phil Newton, Lisa Woolley and Tony Lamb. Total Time: 5:45:39.

5th - Calf Chasers

Imogen Varnham, Lauren Day, Vicki Newton, Sarah Lamb and Jodie Clark. Total time: 5:53:36.

6th - Zoe and the 60%’ers

Sarah-Jane Macdonald, Sarah Melton-Whitelam, Zoe Gourley and Sarah Johnson. Total time: 6:10:02.

7th - Baldy, Beardy and Babes

Mark Mattless, Tracy Adams, Arthur Sargeant, Marc Martin, Lorraine Parker and Emily Clarke. Total time: 6:19:37.

8th - A Rose between 5 Thorns

Anne-Marie Mattless, Matt Hunter, Diane Petchell, Tamara Barnes, Debbie Agger and Alice Ingman. Total time: 6:29:27.

TCRC’s team of ‘Three men and a Coq’ finished in second place out of 26 teams, and the club cannot wait to run the real event in 2021.