Men and lady vets lead the way as Fenland Running Club are out in force at the Peterborough Green Wheel Relay

FRC runners at the Peterborough Green Wheel Relay.

FRC runners at the Peterborough Green Wheel Relay. - Credit: Archant

Fenland Running Club put together an enormous effort on Sunday to enter eight teams of seven runners in the 49.7 mile Greater Peterborough Athletic Network Green Wheel Relay.

Thirty-two teams from around the region took part in the relay, which started and finished at the athletics track at Embankment in Peterborough.

The seven stages ranged from 4.1miles (Eye to Newborough) to 8.6miles (Ferry Meadows to Norman Cross).

It enabled club runners of all abilities to be part of the experience, which resulted in 55 club members having a great day.

Repeating last year’s feat, the FRC men’s veteran team (Richard Hammond, Paul Wiegand, Sean Connolly, Gary Bligh, Paul Griffin, Shane Draper and Stuart Follen) and lady’s veteran team (Maire Irlam, Katie Ward, Jay Gilbert, Sarah Gauvin, Mel Trayford, Nicky Jennings and Sam Lyddiatt) both won their categories.

Full results Teams 1 to 8: Stage 1 Peterborough Embankment to Eye, 8.2 miles. Richard Hammond 4th 51.46; Maire Irlam 16th 58.38; Dan Wate 14th 57.59, Andy Wicklen 12th 56.26, Andre Pittock 11th 56.08, Claudia Milburn 18th 1.04.05, Tom Richards 13th 57.50. Stage 2 Eye to Newborough 4.1 miles. Paul Wiegand 5th 29.14, Katie Ward 9th 32.22, Paulina Zub 10th 33.01, Stephanie Clark 27th 43.34, Jane Greenwood 19th 37.40, Denise Griffin 20th 37.52, Tom Salway 17th 35.55, Sharon Bird 25th 40.10. Stage 3 Newborough to Etton 7.5 miles. Sean Connolly 4th 49.01, Jay Gilbert 21st 1.01.41, Ellen drew 14th 58.12, Neil Bailey 27th 1.10.14, Ian King 16th 59.29, Andre Pittock 6th 53.17, Adam Oakes 19th 1.00.53, Keith White 1.00.24. Stage 4 Etton to Ferry Meadows 8.1 miles. Gary Bligh 5th 53.34, Sarah Gauvin 16th 1.00.47, Ryan Jones 4th 51.48, Graham Milham 10th 56.31, John Shaw 13th 58.22, Max Pearson 19th 1.04.15, Cathy Duce 20th 1.06.12, Justin Showell 17th 1.01.37. Stage 5 Ferry Meadows to Norman Cross 8.6 miles. Paul Griffin 5th 57.41, Mel Trayford 9th 1.00.38, Andrew Plume 3rd 55.03, Pasquale Ruggerio 27th 1.14.38, Stewart Harrison 19th 1.05.28, John Chapman 18th 1.05.23, Clive Harrod 11th 1.02.19, Tim Chapman 6th 58.57. Stage 6 Norman Cross to Stanground Lock 7.6 miles. Shane Draper 3rd 46.17, Nicky Jennings 9th 54.36, Rod Sinnott 5th 51.37, Adam Chown 10th 55.10, Luke Pinner 19th 1.0036, Jane Holmes 22nd 1.01.02, Ian Milburn 8th 53.27, Alan Bird 11th 55.29. Stage 7 Stanground Lock to Peterborough Embankment 5.7 miles. Stuart Follen 4th 38.47, Sam Lyddiatt 14th 48.37, Tracey Howard 16th 50.18, Alison Patterson 26th 54.52, Julie Garner 22nd 53.30, Tracy Farr 28th 56.51, Larissa Follen 15th 50.05, Jac Richards 17th 50.38.

Also running the Grantham Running Club 10km Summer Solstice on Friday was Paulina Zub and Richard Williams in 48.03 and 48.50 respectively.