'Are you trying to kill us both?': Russell fury with Bottas after 'incredibly scary' high-speed crash

Williams driver George Russell of Wisbech

George Russell revealed the furious exchange with Valterri Bottas after the pair crashed at high speed at Imola. - Credit: DAVID DAVIES/PA

George Russell launched a furious attack on Valterri Bottas after a 200mph horror smash between the pair during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

The immediate in-car rant was expletive-laden and although the swearing had gone by the time he spoke after the race, there was still a clear rage burning inside the Wisbech F1 star.

He had been attempting to overtake his rival's Mercedes on the rapid dash down to turn one at Imola.

But after coming round on the outside, he put a wheel onto the damp grass causing him to lose control and sending both cars hurtling into the wall.

Both walked away unharmed, but not before Russell marched over to Bottas and slapped the top of his helmet, the Finn responded with a raised finger.

"I asked him if he was trying to kill us both," the Williams driver revealed after the race. "We're going incredibly fast and we know the conditions.

"In his eyes he's not really fighting for anything. Ninth for him is nothing, but for us it is everything. I'm going for absolutely everything.

"We have all seen the dangers of motorsport, and to be honest, I would have reacted the same if I was battling for the win, for ninth or for last because I felt it was unnecessary and avoidable.

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"Your heart stops when you crash at over 200mph. You don't know what is going to happen.

"My anger at the time is that I thought he had put us both in harm's way and it was an incredibly scary incident, but fortunately we both walked away without any battle scars.

"However, it could have been very different."

Both drivers were hauled in front of the stewards but the accident, which caused the race to be stopped for 30 minutes while the debris was cleared, was deemed a racing incident.

Ironically, Russell is in the frame to replace Bottas at Mercedes next season and the Englishman added "perhaps if it was another driver he wouldn't have done that".

Later, Russell said: "Valtteri and I will clear the air. I don't intend to hold any grudges or have a bad relationship with any driver on the grid. He did nothing outside the rules but you have to take an element of responsibility and consideration of the conditions."