Fenland runners excel at Werrington and Thorney events

FENLAND Running Club had a successful week with four runners finishing in the top 20 at the Werrington 5k and seven members setting personal bests (PB) at the Thorney five-mile run.

Julie Garner knocked a massive 90 seconds off her PB as four runners out of 12 finished in under 18 minutes at Werrington.

Robin Parker finished 10th in a field of 250 at Thorney on Sunday August 15.

Jack Trow was the first Under 20 to cross the line while Rebecca Cousins was the first lady to finish.

Full results

Werrington 5K - Wednesday August 11

Robin Parker, 17.05; David Goldspink, 17.41; Jack Trow, 17.43; Justin Kinsey, 17.57 (PB); Robbie Howlett, 18.45; Aidan Shepard, 18.52; Darren Jackson, 21.01; Carl Murley, 21.01; Sam Goodger, 21.36, Ian Milburn, 21.39; Dean Powley, 23.09 and Julie Garner, 27.36 (PB)

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Thorney 5 mile - Sunday August 15

Robin Parker, 28.29; Jack Trow, 30.43; Rebecca Cousins, 31.12 (PB); Robbie Howlett, 31.36; Paul Weigand, 33.49; Dan Wate, 34.20 (PB); Colin Ferguson, 35.22; Mark Shrimpton, 35.22; Mel Murdoch, 35.51 (PB), Pasquale Rugerrio, 38.41; Dean Powley, 38.51 (PB); Richard Williams, 41.26 (PB); Roger Williams, 41.30; Adam Oaks, 42.00 (PB); Adam Chown, 43.44; Julie Garner, 46.59 (PB) and Nick Meekin, 47.00.