Athletics: Fenland runners enjoy Round Norfolk Relay

Fenland RC members at the Round Norfolk Relay (pic Tim Chapman/Jay Gilbert/Joanne Clarke)

Fenland RC members at the Round Norfolk Relay (pic Tim Chapman/Jay Gilbert/Joanne Clarke) - Credit: Archant

Fenland Running Club members impressed at the prestigious Round Norfolk Relay.

Larissa Follen

Larissa Follen - Credit: Archant

The event covers 198 miles over 17 unequal stages and Fenland were 17th out of 59 teams overall and fourth in their category.

Rimivydas Muduras was eighth in his stage, while Nigel Seale achieved the highest age percentagee and Maire Kay and Sean Connolly competed for the 10th time.

Four other members took on the North Norfolk Triathlon at Wells-next-the-Sea, which included a 1.5k open water swim in the tidal harbour, a 40k bike leg through coastal villages and 10k run.

Stuart Follen finished in 2:31.52, followed by Larissa Follen (3:07.11), Sharon Bird (3:20.37) - who set a 35-minute best - and debutant Gilly Anderson (3:33.20).

Gilly Anderson

Gilly Anderson - Credit: Archant

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Round Norfolk Relay results: Andrew Plume 1:51.12 (16.9 miles), Sean Connolly 1:37.46 (13.75), Jac Richards 53.22 (5.76), Jay Gilbert 1:31.00 (11.14), Ryan Jones 1:18.08 (10.81), Claudia Milburn 1:04.20 (7.9), Ellen Connolly 1:15.37 (9.24), Rachael Nichols 1:09.30 (7.52), Graham Milham 1:53.51 (16.6), Gary Clifford 2:23.43 (18.13), Rimivydas Muduras 1:21.9 (12.45), Lewis Saunders 2:14.56 (19.67), Nigel Seale 1:33.00 (13.25), Maire Kay 1:07.35 (7.27), Nicky Jennings 1:27.11 (10.59), Carly Read 45.57 (5.49), Richard Agger 1:27.09 (11.73).

Ellen Connolly

Ellen Connolly - Credit: Archant

Timekeepers David Brammer and Joanne Clarke

Timekeepers David Brammer and Joanne Clarke - Credit: Archant

Claudia Milburn

Claudia Milburn - Credit: Archant

Andrew Plume

Andrew Plume - Credit: Archant

Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly - Credit: Archant

Stuart Follen

Stuart Follen - Credit: Archant

Sharon Follen

Sharon Follen - Credit: Archant

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones - Credit: Archant

Jac Richards

Jac Richards - Credit: Archant

Richard Agger

Richard Agger - Credit: Archant

Jay Gilbert

Jay Gilbert - Credit: Archant

Carly Read

Carly Read - Credit: Archant

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