TRAMPOLINING: Golds galore as Fenland Flyers experience more success at Brentwood open competition

The Fenland Flyers team that took part in the open competition in Brentwood. Photo: Adam Fairbrother

The Fenland Flyers team that took part in the open competition in Brentwood. Photo: Adam Fairbrother - Credit: Archant

The Fenland Flyers lived up to their name with a flying performance at an annual open competition in Brentwood.

More than 30 trampolinists from the Wisbech club travelled to Essex for the big tournament and they returned to Fenland with 20 individual medals and two team medals under their belts.

First to compete was the club’s team of under nine girls Georgina and Harriet Oselton, who came first and third respectively individually and guided the A team to a gold medal in the team event.

Next up was the under 11 girls and all four set a very high standard, with Kate Pattingale, Gracie-Jane Lloyd and Lillie Bardsley taking all three individual places. Holly Pepper finished sixth individually but the team claimed gold.

Full results:


Under 9 girls: Nika Vasiljeva - 4th

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13+ ladies: Fabienne Clements-D - 2nd

Men’s: Cieran Dornan - 1st, Kieran Prpal - 2nd

Band 0

Under 9 girls: Georgina Oselton - 1st, Harriet Oselton - 3rd, Michaela Galdwin - 5th, Keira Fines - 6th, Anya Holc-C - 12th, Emma Morgan - 13th, Keira Broda-K - 15th. Team A - 1st, Team B - 4th.

Under 11 girls: Kate Pattingale - 1st, Gracie-Jane Lloyd - 2nd, Lillie Bardsley - 3rd, Holly Pepper - 6th, Team - 1st

Under 11 boys: Charlie Colledge - 1st

Band 1

Under 13 girls: Louise Morgan - 3rd

Band 2

Under 11 boys: Reilly Anderson - 3rd

Under 13 girls: Amelia Gee - 15th

Under 15 girls: Lily Colledge - 5th, Niamh Morgan - 7th

Under 17 ladies: Cora Hunter - 6th

Band 3

Under 11 girls: Sky Dornan-Baker - 1st

Band 4

Under 11 girls: Hetti Featherstone-D - 1st

Under 13 girls: Bella Feahterstone-D - 1st

13+ ladies: Phoebe Stubbings - 3rd

Band 5

Under 13 girls: Alana Pritchard - 2nd

Under 15 girls: Ella Wilson - 2nd

Under 15 boys: Julianas Jonusas- 1st

15+ men’s: Jordan Broda - 1st

Under 19 ladies: Jasmine Hailes-P - 2nd

19+ ladies: Emma Shearer - 3rd

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