EXCLUSIVE: Wisbech Town star Callum Reed: ‘The grass wasn’t greener’ at King’s Lynn

WISBECH Town star Callum Reed has spoken out over his shock return to the Fenmen - reliving the moment he realised that the “grass wasn’t greener” at fierce rivals King’s Lynn Town.

Reed left Wisbech for the Linnets in May - just days after scoring the goal which saw the Fenmen lift the Ridgeons League Challenge Cup.

But the 20-year-old completed a dramatic U-turn on Tuesday night, returning to the Elgood’s Fenland Stadium without playing a single competitive game for Wisbech’s bitterest rivals.

Speaking exclusively to the Wisbech Standard, Reed said: “It just wasn’t the right mood for me at King’s Lynn. I played two pre-season games for them and I quickly realised I had made a mistake. I wanted to be at Wisbech.

“When I was travelling to train at Lynn I would have to drive by Wisbech and it didn’t feel right. I went on holiday and had a good think and I realised that Lynn wasn’t for me.

“I’ve realised now what a line that was to cross and basically the grass wasn’t greener.

“Wisbech is by far the best non-league club I’ve been at. While a lot of people might not believe it, I’ve enjoyed it much more than any other club.”

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The Fenmen faithful were stunned when both Reed and inspirational captain Paul Cousins defected to the Linnets in May.

“When I left it was all going on and people were saying all sorts,” said Reed. “It was getting blown out of all proportion. I look back now and laugh about it. I realised that I made a mistake and it’s great to be back.

“A lot of people look at Lynn and think it’s a big club with big attendances but it’s not quite what it seems. It’s almost like a business.

“They’re a bit of a Man City type of club and they play in front of big crowds but, to be honest, I think Wisbech would beat them.

“There’s no ‘Big Time Charlies’ at Wisbech - everybody gets on and wants the same thing. It’s a very honest club. I want to see them get the success they deserve and I’m just glad to be back.”

Reed joins seven new signings at Wisbech Town, who start their exciting challenge for the Ridgeons Premier Division title by hosting Wivenhoe Town tomorrow.

“No disrespect to the players that have left but the squad is a lot stronger now than last year,” he said. “This year we can go even further - I’m hoping that we can win the league.

“I know it’s the right move coming back and now I just want to kick on at Wisbech.”

The talented midfielder added: “I would love to play King’s Lynn in the cup - it would be brilliant. It might be best if I didn’t move from the centre circle for the whole game, though.

“I’ve managed to cross the divide twice and I’m only 20. This will be the last time.”

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