Wisbech Swimming Club started the 2024 Junior Fenland league in dominant fashion in a quest to retain their title which they won last September.

Competing at Huntingdon for first gala of the Junior Fenland League season they were up against Huntingdon, St Neots and Bottisham.

This was the first time some of the younger swimmer had represented Wisbech but they were not fazed by the event with Wisbech ending the night in first place with 162 points, which was a 50-point winning margin.

From the 45 races the team achieved 32 personal best times with 13 cut-times being broken, and 32 first place finishes: - Adam Chuchra (4) Morgan Arthur (4) Jacob Hicks (2) Arabella Tysterman (2) Harrison Otter (3) Oscar Muller (3) Holly Smith (2), Esmai Smith (2), Jensen Stevens (2) Kevin Sorokin (2) with Lilly Wright, Maisie Bishop, Marcus Valente, Race Elmer, Shay Connolly and Esa-Rose Condon also winning events.

The night was completed for the team with first place in the 8x50m Squadron.

Wisbech go into the next round at Huntingdon in May.

Wisbech Swimming Club is always on the lookout for new swimmers, and anyone interested in trialling is encouraged to contact the club’s chair, Tracy Loughlin, on wisbechsc.clubchair@gmail.com for more details.