Tydd St Giles golf club has held several golfing events and competitions recently.

Their seniors individual stableford division 1 winner was ocb Derrick Marsh with 39 points, 2nd was Michael Flint 39 points and 3rd ocb Tim Martin 38 points.

Division 2 was won Paul Rushbrook 40 points, 2nd was ocb Martin Wells with 38 points and in 3rd Toby North with 38 points.

Division 3 was taken by Baz Smith with 41 points, 2nd ocb Roy Pesterfield with 40 points, 3rd Salvatore Di Bella with 40 points.

Division 4 winner Herbert Lovell with 45 points, 2nd Alec Harding with 41 points 3rd Geoff Chappell with 38 points.

The Mens October Medal division 1 winner was James Dack with 78-10=68, in 2nd ocb Malcolm Stead with 83-13=70 and in 3rd was Dean Wright with 76-6=70.

Division 2 was won by Gary Withers with 78-15=63, in 2nd Craig Garner with 84-15=69 and in 3rd was Lee Smith with 87-17=70.

Division 3’s winner was Matthew Thomas with 91-27=64, 2nd was taken by Bradley Power with 87-21=66 and in 3rd was Keith Power with 94-25=69.

And lastly, the Ladies section October Medal winner was Liz Miller with 95-25=70, 2nd place was won by Maie Osborn with 100-29=71, 3rd by Linda Walker 100-27=73 and in 4th was ocb Christine Burton 99 with -20=79.