Members of Three Counties Running Club recently took part in two very different events.

Tracey Else took part in the Marcus Gynn Newmarket 10k race, hosted by Newmarket Joggers, which started and finished at Stretchworth Leisure Centre.

This was the first time Tracey had run this event, and she was hoping to get near or beat her 10k personal best. However she knew this was unlikely to be the case due to the warm weather, and experiencing the hill from 8k to the finish.

The course was described as "undulating", and the first 5k went well, but the 1.5 miles of sandy horse trail was unexpected and started to slow her down.

A downhill road section at 7k helped Tracey get back on track to her personal best potential time of 51.26, but she knew that the two miles uphill to the finish was coming which could potentially scupper her chances.

Tracey tried to squeeze everything she had in for the final two miles, and managed a fantastic time of 53:13 - coming third in age and 14th female overall.

Meanwhile running club member Steve Clarke took part in the Nene Park Swim Run 10k.

The event, which is hosted by Keen as Mustard, is not for everyone and is definitely an adventure. The challenge involves running on trail paths within the woods, then running straight into a lake and swimming to the exit point, before getting out and continuing to run.

There are no transition periods to stop and change, with competitors just keeping running until the 10k course is complete.

The race consisted of eight runs of varying distance, from 100m up to 2,100 metres, with a swim in between varying from 30m up to 700m.

It was a warm day so the swim was a welcome break for the runners to cool off.

Steve had a great event and finished in a fantastic time of 2:04:56.

The Parkrun results were as follows:

Fay Gratton 27:14PB 1st in age 47/153

Steve Whitelam 28:24
Alice Ingman 29:25
Anne-Marie Mattless 29:34
Keith White 32:15
Sarah Lamb 36:41
Tony Lamb 36:42
Stephanie Knight 41:45

Fountains Abbey
Jonny Clark 24:05

Dawn Ball 25:31
Victoria May 30:39
Lou Mayer 37:28

Melvin Green 31:07

Downham Market
Zoe Wilson 23:03 Junior