Students from the Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do have been celebrating their colour belt gradings recently.

Panels of ninth dan grand masters with over 45 years of experience conducted the gradings, which start with a one-hour training session before the examination.

And 140 students from as young as five achieving a 100 per cent pass rate to take the running tally to over 15,000 in the last 34 years since formation in November 1987.

Results, Ely, 9th Kup: Louise Donovan, Isaac Evans, Claire Fiumana, Luca Fiumana, Kacper Gazda, Alex Goujon, Freddie Grant, Kieran Khattra, Harrison Peters, Isla Peters, Benjamin Pierson, Ryan Stoneman, Finlay Ward. 8th Kup: Natalie Hawkins, Emily Howlett, Fabio Simoes. 7th Kup: Arthur Clark, Matthew Costall, Lucas Snape. 6th Kup: Lex Follett, Darren Gill, Theodore Jordan, Suri Lee, Flavia Rolfe, Jake Speed. 5th Kup: Jacob Day, Isaac Howlett, Ariyaana Khanom. 4th Kup: Joshua Howlett, Henry White. 3rd Kup: Finn Gilbert. 2nd Kup: Daniel Bainbridge, Nikodem Budzinski, Veaceslav Pascal, Mario Sellers-Sanchez, Pablo Sellers-Sanchez. 1st Kup: Dylan Faulkner, Natalia Teli.

Huntingdon, 9th Kup: Harry Jacobs, Eoin Manchett, Bella Stewart. 8th Kup: Alexis Prosser. 7th Kup: Fleur Lepagnez. 2nd Kup: John Paelmagno.

St Neots, 7th Kup: Giovanna Binda, Maria Binda.