Young girl rescued from pitched roof after child starts fire in downstairs room

FIRE crews rescued a young girl who clambered out onto the pitched roof of the family home after a blaze in a downstairs room.

A child playing with matches is thought to have started the fire which broke out shortly after 4pm on Tuesday in Lerowe Road, Wisbech.

Fire fighters were called to tackle the blaze and found the downstairs front room alight.

“A woman, boy and girl who were downstairs had managed to escape before the arrival of fire fighters, but smoke had spread upstairs trapping another girl in the bathroom of the property,” said a fire service spokesman.

“The girl climbed onto a pitched roof, where she was rescued by fire fighters.

“Fire fighters then extinguished the fire using two hose reels and a jet.

“The crew administered first aid to the four casualties which included treating a cut arm, a burn on a hand, smoke inhalation and shock. The casualties were then seen by paramedics when they arrived.”

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The downstairs front room where the fire started was badly damaged by the fire and the whole house suffered smoke damage.

“The fire is believed to have been started by a child playing with matches, said Wisbech Watch Manager Phil Pilbeam.

“Young children can be fascinated by fire but don’t always realise the consequences of playing with it.

“As well as teaching your children about the dangers of fire you should always keep lighters and matches well hidden.

“If a fire does occur, the most important thing to remember is to get out, close the door behind you to stop the fire from spreading, and call 999.”

Fire fighters delivered fire safety advice to neighbouring properties before returning to the station by 6.30pm. If anyone would like advice about fire safety in the home or smoke alarms they can ring the fire station on 01945 428600.