You’d bet a belief it Wisbech as bookies sharply reduce their odds on FA Cup derby win

FOOTBALL fans let their hearts rule their heads on Saturday as not one local bookie is reported to have paid out on the result of the Fenland derby.

Both Corals and Ladbroke had offered Wisbech as firm favourite but not one punter is thought to have placed money on the final result, a 1-1 draw.

Tonight the bookies are again offering odds for the replay at Elgoods Fenland Park and its all good news for Wisbech whose odds have shortened considerably in the past 24 hours.

Wisbech – who were evens in Saturday’s clash- are now firmly established as 8/15 favourite with at least one Fenland bookie.

On Saturday and despite being the underdogs, March was given odds of 15-8 on a win but after the match was drawn and a replay set for tonight one bookie lengthened the odds to 9-2.

As FA Cup Fen derby fever continues to grip the area Coral and Ladbrokes’ betting shops in March and Wisbech are once again offering odds on the outcome of the game.

A spokesman for Coral they are offering odds of a Wisbech victory tonight at 8/15, a March win at 9/2 and a draw (all results in normal time) at 23/10.

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Ladbrokes have already taken bets this morning and are offering the following prices: Wisbech (4/9), March (9/2) and the draw (3/1).

Both bookmakers confirmed they will take scorecast predictions and special bets on request.

Tonight’s winners will earn �1,500 prize money and a home tie against Wroxham in the next round on September 17.

Jonny Pearce, a Wisbech Town fan, was in musical spirits on Facebook with “I’d rather be a Fenmen than a Hare, I’d rather be a Fenmen than a Hare, oh I’d rather be a Fenmen, rather be a Fenmen, rather be a Fenmen than a Hare!!!!”

John Knight, a Wisbech Town fan - not to be confused with the club’s former reserve team manager - posted on the club’s fans’ forum.

“I am sure that whatever caused the blip on Saturday has been eradicated,” he wrote.

“Wet or dry we will outplay and beat those Hares. We will have had the ‘Hare of the dog’ and make them run rabbits run rabbits run run tonight.”

Not original but A Z Thornill (a March town fan) invoked the spirit of a Man Utd theme song- the tune of You Are My Sunshine – with a message to Wisbech fans that will put fire in their belly.

Thornhill wrote on Facebook: “You are a Fenmen, An ugly Fenmen, Ur only happy, on Giro day, Ur mum’s out stealin, Ur dad’s drug dealin, So please don’t take my hubcaps away!!!”

Tonight’s game kicks-off at 7.45pm at Wisbech’s Elgood’s Fenland Stadium on Lynn Road. Entry costs �6 for adults and �4 for children and concessions