Xbox threatened when water fight turned sour

THE fun of water horseplay on the hottest day of the year turned sour when teenager Rebecca Hare became annoyed and threatened to damage a friend’s Xbox games console.

“It was his pride and joy, and she knew that the threat would lead him to react very strongly,” Fenland magistrates were told.

Hare, 19, of Ramnoth Road, Wisbech, admitted using threatening words or behaviour during the incident on July 21. She was given a six month conditional discharge.

Prosecuting, William Powell said Hare and a male friend had been using water pistols, with the fun lasting around two hours.

But things changed when water was thrown in a bedroom, explained Mr Powell. Hare became cross, and her friend wound her up.

“She decided to draw a line under it, and she threatened his Xbox,” said Mr Powell. “She said that if he did not behave, that is what would happen.”

Imposing a six-month conditional discharge on Hare, presiding magistrate Alan Jones told her: “The phrase “six of one and half a dozen of the other” comes to mind.”