Woman on assault charge following incident at Rose and Crown Hotel, Wisbech

A WOMAN who had an affair with Wisbech hotelier Jonathan Davies turned up at his Rose and Crown hostelry drunk and assaulted his teenage daughter.

Margaret Cassidy -- who had a relationship with Mr Davies as part of his “open marriage” -- hit her victim after she was herded out of the Market Place hotel by the teenager and Mr Davies’ wife Jacqueline Noot.

At Wisbech courthouse, 43-year-old Cassidy, who formerly lived at the hotel but now lives in Palmers Place, Wisbech, admitted assault.

Back in January she was jailed for 22 weeks for assaulting Mr Davies while under the influence of alcohol.

This week magistrates watched CCTV footage of Cassidy running into the hotel on September 18, and then assaulting the teenager at the doorway as she was persuaded to leave.

Prosecuting, Emma Duckettt spoke about the teenager, saying: “She knows the defendant can become abusive when drunk, so she went downstairs to monitor the situation and make sure her mother was not harmed in any way.”

Cassidy was aggressive, pointing and spitting as she spoke, said Ms Duckett. Cassidy was wound up, and was herded out of the building.

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“Her victim was careful not to touch her, so not to provoke her,” she added.

Cassidy swung at the girl, the daughter of Mr Davies and Jacqueline Noot, hitting her with her palm. The victim and her mother tried to stop Cassidy getting back inside.

Cassidy paced up and down shouting, and tables were cleared away outside the hotel to stop Cassidy damaging them. She hit the teenager in the face twice before the police arrived.

Ms Duckett said Mr Davies’ marriage to Jacqueline Noot was an open one, and he had earlier been in a relationship with Cassidy.

An allegation that Cassidy put her hands around the victim’s throat momentarily was not accepted, and magistrates decided that sentencing should be on Cassidy’s version of events.

Solicitor Roger Glazebrook said Cassidy had previously lived at the hotel. Cassidy denied grabbing the teenager’s throat, but accepted the CCTV evidence. She is due back at Wisbech courthouse for sentencing on November 2 and was given conditional bail.