Woman chased drink driver into a dead end after collision at Wisbech junction, court told

AN elderly woman chased a drink driver after her car was hit at traffic lights - and the offender then reversed into her car.

The woman had followed Olegs Platovs after he drove away from their first collision, beeping the horn of her car in an attempt to get him to pull over.

But Platovs failed to stop until he drove into a dead end. A breath test later showed he was driving with an alcohol reading more than double the legal alcohol limit.

Appearing before Fenland magistrates, Platovs admitted driving with excess alcohol, failing to stop after an accident, and driving without insurance.

Prosecuting, Emma Duckett told how a retired woman motorist was waiting at traffic lights in Mount Pleasant Road at Wisbech when Platovs’ Vectra car hit the rear of her vehicle.

Miss Duckett added: “The impact was considerable, it threw her forward. the defendant looked at the rear of her car, said there was not much damage, and asked how much money she wanted.

After the woman asked for his insurance details, Platovs drove away, and was followed by the woman who tried to stop him.”

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When police arrived, Platovs failed a breathalyser test.

Mitigating, Roger Glazebrook said: “There was some problem with the brakes of his car. He was with two friends who were very drunk, ; he did not think he had drunk too much. He was suffering from depression at that time.”

Sentencing was adjourned for three weeks, for a report to be prepared; his interim driving ban continues.