Anti-incinerator group WisWin gain support from union ahead of public meeting

The King's Lynn, Fenland and Peterborough branch of Unite Community Union has passed a motion in sup

The King's Lynn, Fenland and Peterborough branch of Unite Community Union has passed a motion in support of the WisWin anti-incinerator campaign. - Credit: Archant

A motion has been passed in support of the WisWin anti-incinerator campaign – just a day before a public meeting is held to discuss the proposals.

The King's Lynn, Fenland and Peterborough branch of Unite Community Union has today passed a motion in support of the anti-incinerator campaign.

Amy Broad, of WisWin, said: 'Our community is so much stronger when we stand together on an issue that affects us all.'

'We as a branch and as individuals recognise the significant harm this mega incinerator would have on Wisbech and the surrounding area.

'We whole-heartedly stand against it being built and stand in solidarity with the WisWin campaign group to support them in any way we can.

'1. We commit to publicising our support to help boost the campaign visibility.

'2. We commit to raising branch members' concerns by writing letters and emails to our local MP, the company's secretary and the secretary of state for housing, communities and local government.

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'We encourage members to support WisWin's Facebook page. We guarantee to publish any replies to this page and share information relevant to this campaign.

'3. We commit to supporting rallies and actions that take place and helping with these where we can.

'We know we are stronger when we stand together. We all have many different skills and abilities when it comes to campaigning - and this campaign only has a small amount of time to do what it needs to win.

'We understand that a united voice is our strongest weapon to win for Wisbech and the surrounding areas.

'For your children's and grand-children's sakes please support our cause.

'This motion is being circulated to the rest of our trade union council area to be taken up by other union branches and is also available as a template for any other local committees or community groups to use.'

It comes ahead of tomorrow's public meeting at the Queen Mary Centre in Queen's Road. The meeting will start at 6pm.

Organised by Wisbech Town Council, the event will provide more information about the proposals and aims to unit those who oppose the development.

MP Stephen Barclay will be among the speakers. His office has confirmed the public meeting will still go ahead.

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