Mum, Sarah, walking 100km blindfolded to create more happy memories

Ben and Sarah Dodkin alongside sons Finley, Arthur and Harrison. Picture: SARAH DODKIN

Sarah Dodkin (second from right) is walking 100km around Wisbech during July 23-24 to raise money for charity and to fund memories with her three children Finley, Arthur and Harrison. Sarah and the boys are pictured with husband and dad, Ben. - Credit: Archant

A mum from Wisbech is walking 100km blindfolded around the town this month (July) to raise money for charity and to fund even more happy memories with her three children.  

Sarah Dodkin and her husband Ben are determined to make the most of life’s opportunities with their three sons Finley, Arthur and Harrison and not let Battens Disease take over their lives. 

Finley and Harrison were diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease in 2017 aged six and one, which affects eyesight, memory and mobility. 

Sarah’s challenge will raise money to help make the boys’ dreams come true, with half of the funds going towards The Sibling Sanctuary Project. 

“After watching our amazing lads complete their Wales to Wisbech challenge, I felt it was time I got my bum in gear and did something towards our fundraising and awareness project too,” said Sarah. 

“I’ll be walking 100km blindfolded in 10km circuits of Wisbech passing places that are part of our family journey.” 

Sarah is hoping to walk the 100km without stopping and will only be taking breaks if she believes they are necessary. 

She’s asking close friends and family to join her while she takes on the challenge too. 

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“I created this challenge with some inspiration from our friends BeMoreOscar, and with the thought in my heart and mind that this is how our amazing boys see the world every single day. 

“Taking away my vision will give me a real concept of how different things may feel, and the movement difficulties and pure exhaustion will emulate how many of our Batten children experience life.” 

During training, Sarah said 10km has taken her one hour and 40 minutes but with being blindfolded and walking continuously, she believes a lot of time will be added onto that as she gets further into the challenge. 

“Every step I take will be for our boys and their journey and for all of our Batten community,” she said. 

“I know we’ve asked for sponsorship many times but this is more about sharing awareness and doing something that will hopefully make us all step into someone else’s shoes, if only for a day or two, and help us all be more aware of each other.” 

Sarah’s walk takes place between July 23-24; she is hoping to raise £500 

To donate, visit her crowdfunding page on JustGiving: