Wisbech Town Councillor Alan Lay says ‘I resign’ and he blames the ‘backstabbing politics’ for his decision

Alan Lay - has resigned as Waterlees Ward councillor on Wisbech Town Council.

Alan Lay - has resigned as Waterlees Ward councillor on Wisbech Town Council. - Credit: Archant

Wisbech Town Councillor Alan Lay has resigned saying he is “fed up with all the back stabbing politics” of council meetings.

Mr Lay chose his 80th birthday on Monday (12) to resign his seat as ward councillor for Waterlees.

Speaking on Tuesday morning he said: “I am fed up with the back stabbing politics that goes on - I have just had enough.

“All I wanted to do was get things done but it has been impossible - the political hypocrisy that goes on has made it so difficult.

“For instance a couple of years ago myself and the Bucknors (councillors Mike and Virginia) tried to get a 20mph speed limit introduced - we argued that 20 was plenty.

“But other councillors including the current mayor Councillor Steve Tierney and Councillor Sam Hoy said it was a waste of time and it was voted down by the Tory majority.

“Now when he wanted to get a reduced speed limit along North Brink and he got it - it is just hypocritical. Basically I am fed up with the personalities and bad feeling at council meetings.”

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However, Mr Lay does not intend to sit back and let issues go.

“I have always been active wherever I have lived - Dagenham, Barking, Forest Edge - if I see something wrong then I try to do something about it - that is my character,” he said.

One of the issues he promises to continue to combat is bad parking across the town.

“It is a real problem and it is also dangerous. Drivers just park wherever they like: on double yellow lines, corners, double park, across driveways - I have even see vehicles parked facing the wrong way down a one-way street.

“The police do have crackdowns every so often, but it is not enough. If they can’t do it all the time then clearly they have not got enough staff and they should be complaining to their bosses.

“Basically it is anarchy if you enforce one law this week and another law next week - that’s not on.”

The vacancy created by Mr Lay’s resignation is already advertised on the town council’s website.

Voters now have until July 3 to call for an election - if there is no such call then the council will have the power to co-opt a replacement.

For more details go to: http://www.wisbechtowncouncil.gov.uk/news.html