Wisbech Town Council tells committee of its objections to drinking banning order

Fenland District Council Scrutiny Committee has just published its report following a meeting to look at community issues.

The committee was told that the Designated Public Places Orders (DPPO) were brought in despite objections from Wisbech Town Council.

One councillor remarked that the last quarterly figures showed alcohol-related violence and disorder offences remained unchanged despite the orders being in place.

“Why would we look to renew these when these measures are not effective?” one councillor remarked.

Councillor Ken Mayor explained that the orders were implemented at a time where there was a problem of drinking in the town centre of Wisbech.

Mick Gipp, Fenland’s safer Fenland manager, said the police will ask for a DPPO if they see it as necessary.

Inspector Rob Hill of Cambs Police told the committee that DPPOs were popular with the public.

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“They are asking for them,” he said. “The police are constantly dealing with calls from the public regarding drinking in public.”

The committee was told that DPPOs has resulted in 1,000 drinks being confiscated yet only five people had been found guilty of an offence.

Insp Hill said that it was difficult to assess the success of DPPO’s from the figures alone and “the prevention element must not be ignored.”