Wisbech Town Council passes motion calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to toughen her stance on Brexit

Cllr Steve Tierney (left) and Cllr Sam Hoy (right) were behind a Brexit passed by Wisbech Town Counc

Cllr Steve Tierney (left) and Cllr Sam Hoy (right) were behind a Brexit passed by Wisbech Town Council on Monday calling on the Prime Minister (centre) to toughen her stance. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

The Fenland town where more than 70 per cent of the population voted ‘leave’ in the 2016 referendum is to press Prime Minister Theresa May to toughen her stance on Brexit.

The Conservative run Wisbech Town Council has voted overwhelmingly to write to the prime minister to encourage her to come up with “the proper Brexit for which local people voted”.

A motion to that effect was put to the town council on Monday by Councillor Steve Tierney and received overwhelming support.

He proposed that “Wisbech Town Council recognises that although it is a ‘small cog in the machine’, it feels it is necessary to remind the Government that Wisbech is one of the biggest leave (the European Union) voting areas in the country.

“This council is of the opinion that the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal does not represent the views of a large majority of the council’s constituents.”

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Cllr Tierney proposed that “Wisbech Town Council write to the Brexit Secretary (the constituency MP Steve Barclay) and to the Prime Minister to express these views and to encourage the proper Brexit for which local people voted in the (June 2016) referendum”.

Council leader Sam Hoy said the motion was passed unanimously.

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Cllr Hoy, who is also a district and county councillor, said she was unhappy with the Brexit plan put forward by Theresa May “as I don’t believe it delivers a true Brexit.

“The nation voted to leave and I feel that no deal is better than this bad deal.

“However I know Steve Barclay is a committed Brexiteer and I have always found him to be an honourable man and a committed MP, so I hope he uses this role to push for change and a proper Brexit.”

Mr Barclay meanwhile has told constituents that those MPs who want to stop Brexit and force a second referendum were wrong.

“I think that would be damaging for our democracy after the largest vote in our country’s history in favour of leaving the EU.”

He said: “The best way to guarantee we leave on the 29th March next year is to ensure we have a deal with the EU, which also ensures businesses have the certainty they need in the months ahead to protect jobs”

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