Hard work pays off for taekwondo star Halim after grading success

Halim Shaul of Carter Schools of Taekwondo

Halim Shaul of the Carter Schools of Taekwondo passed his yellow belt grading test at the Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech. - Credit: Carter Schools of Taekwondo

A 13-year-old martial arts pupil achieved top marks as he looks towards a potential chance to shine on the national stage. 

Halim Shaul, who attends the Carter Schools of Taekwondo in Wisbech, passed his yellow grading session. 

As part of the grading, Halim was tested on patterns such as Chon Ji, a four-directional block and a parallel stance double punch. 

He was also asked to complete 20 press-ups, movements backwards and forwards as well as theory. 

Anthony Carter, founder of the school, said: “Halim attends lessons at the Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech on Wednesday and Friday nights. 

“Halim’s success is due to the hard training he puts into the taekwondo lessons. 

“We will now be looking for him, if he wants, entry into national championships in about six months’ time.” 

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The Carter Schools of Taekwondo are based in Wisbech and Downham Market. 

For more information, email Anthony at: cartertaekwondo@aol.com.