Wisbech street in for sure-footed winter after councillor’s successful grit bin campaign

RESIDENTS of a Wisbech street are in for a more sure-footed winter after a successful campaign to secure a grit bin.

The new bin was installed at Sefton Avenue on Friday after a campaign led by Councillor Samantha Hoy and nearby residents Sandra Skinner and David Saintarun.

Cllr Hoy, who sits on both Cambridgeshire County Council and Wisbech Town Council, had responded to the concerns of families who had struggled on the dangerous unsalted paths during last-year’s big freeze.

She was ideally placed to lead the campaign as grit bins are made available to town councils from the county council.

Cllr Hoy, the youngest county councillor in Cambridgshire, said: “A petition of residents and parents from the nearby school, followed by local people volunteering to spread the grit made a strong enough case that the town council resource committee agreed to the necessary funding.

“The grit bin was installed on Friday – ready for the winter! Sure feet all around.”