Wisbech set to welcome Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet

IT’S the hottest ticket in town - around 50 people have accepted an invitation to the Wisbech Standard’s breakfast meeting ahead of the county council’s cabinet meeting in the town.

As soon as council leader Nick Clarke accepted the invitation of editor John Elworthy to bring the meeting to Wisbech, the response of the community has been overwhelming.

John, who is hosting the breakfast at The Boathouse for Cabinet members, councillors, business people and residents, said: “This is a real chance for the people of Wisbech to tell Cambridgeshire County Council where they can help and support the town.

“There is a feeling that sometimes places such as Wisbech can be ignored in the wider scheme of things. That is not a view I necessarily share, but at the very least, Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting outside Cambridge should prove to be a marker for other communities who want better engagement with the county council.”

The Wisbech Standard has been determined to fight back in support of the town, after an article in a national newspaper portrayed the town as “terrorised by the Baltic Mafia.”

Already a momentum to improve Wisbech town centre is underway, with the newly formed Wisbech Town Team - made up of residents, traders, business people and councillors - looking to bid for �100,000 government cash and create a vision for Wisbech’s future.

Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting in the Boathouse at 10.00am is open to the public. Among the items on the agenda is the receiving of a petition addressing the deprivation status of Wisbech’s Waterlees Ward, and the Wisbech North Ward Drainage Scheme.

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This will be the first time the Cabinet has met outside of Cambridge. Council leader Nick Clarke said he wanted to raise the profile and promote the positives of Wisbech, and he wanted as many councillors as possible to have an understanding of the issues facing the town.