Wisbech residents swap jobs for the day

HAIRDRESSERS swapped jobs with cake decorators and watercolour artists as part of a fun day at Wisbech’s Oasis Community Centre.

The Centre in St Michaels Avenue held a Skill Swap Fun Day to allow residents to get together and try new things.

“Everyone had a really good time and gave really good feedback about what they learned,” Oasis receptionist Jenna Bristow said.

“It was a community event to promote lifelong learning through encouraging residents to think about things they can do well and how they could share them with their neighbours.”

Those who took part in the event on Saturday (July 14) will attend a follow up meeting next week about how they got on and what other skills they could take up in the future, before a similar event is held in late September or early October.

For more information, call the Oasis Centre on 01945 461526.