Wisbech pub’s windows shattered by man turfed out for failing to produce ID

FURIOUS at being thrown out of a Wisbech pub when he failed to produce ID, 21-year-old Anthony Horn used an oil drum to smash windows at the Wheatsheaf Inn.

He also threatened the manager - saying he would smash a glass over his head and hit him over the head with a cricket bat.

Fenland magistrates watched CCTV footage of the incident that happened just before midnight on November 28.

Horn, who has since been recalled to prison, had spent �50 on booze that night. He admitted charges of threatening behaviour and criminal damage.

Horn was asked to produce ID after a friend had ordered drinks, said prosecutor Emma Duckett.

“He became aggressive and abusive,” she said. “He said if he was made to leave, he would smash a glass over the manager’s head.”

When told he would have to leave if he did not produce a document, Horn told the manager: “You don’t know who I am, I am going to smash you over the head with a cricket bat.”

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Horn was escorted from the premises, and after he went to grab the manager’s shirt, he was pushed away.

“He picked up an oil drum and threw it, and punched the window twice, three panes of glass were shattered,” added Miss Duckett.

When police officers arrived, Horn continued to remonstrate, and invited them to fight.

“He then removed his top as if preparing for a fight; he threatened to burn down the police officers’ houses, and was arrested.”

Solicitor Tiffany Meredith said Horn was frustrated, because he had been served with alcohol before being asked for ID.

“There is no doubt he acted inappropriately,” she added. “But there was a certain amount of provocation. The bar manager had put his drink behind the bar, that made him particularly angry. He made threats to the bar manager, and was excluded.

“He had been released from prison 21 days earlier, it went to his head, he was drinking every day.”

Horn, whose previous jail term for burglary and arson is due to end in May of next year, was given a further four month sentence.