Wisbech people among most generous in UK this Christmas according to gift card’s research

GIFT buyers in Wisbech are among the most generous in the UK this Christmas – according to a research.

Sales figures for the gift card One4all show people in Wisbech spend on average �82 per card.

That is almost 50 per cent higher than the average for England – and 20 per cent more than buyers in Kensington and Knightsbridge, which have the highest concentration of billionaires in UK, who spent �71.

Overall sales of gift cards in Wisbech are up 30 per cent this Christmas - with buyers wanting to avoid spending hard earned cash on traditional bought presents that people may not want.

One4all managing director Declan Byrne said: “The generosity of people in Wisbech is impressive so if you want to receive high value gifts cards for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions then make sure you have lots of friends and relatives around here.

“Just why people in Wisbech are so generous we are simply not sure and would love to know. Perhaps they can contact this newspaper to tell them why.”

Spending on gift cards in Wisbech even outstrips the �74 average for Sandbanks in Dorset, where even a modest house can cost �5million.

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One4all’s Declan Byrne said: “People here are clearly generous by nature. It could be because this is still a tight knit community.

“When times are hard everyone knows that giving a high value gift card can bring a huge practical benefit to person receiving it.”

The top five areas where people spend most on One4all gift cards are Wisbech, Slough, Gloucester, York and Edinburgh.