Wisbech Market Place to become more pedestrian friendly as parking places are moved to the south side

PLANS to make Wisbech Market Place more pedestrian friendly are being put in place by the town council later this month.

Stall holders are being moved to the north side of the market square from Monday November 14 - while cars will only be allowed to park on the south side on non-market days.

The town council is now calling on the people of Wisbech to support the changes, to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

Councillors have been concerned about the volume of traffic in the area, and the dangers that poses to shoppers in and around the market square.

In order to reduce the risks and to encourage people to come into town to do their shopping, the council is putting an experimental order in place to make the town centre much more pedestrian friendly.

The draft order has almost been completed by the County Council; and the new arrangements are being made in anticipation of that order.

The council is also awaiting confirmation of the viability of introducing a 20 mile an hour speed control, which may then be incorporated into the experimental order.

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The new arrangement will be for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays which are non-market days, and will apply to all stall holders.

On market days – Thursdays and Saturdays - there is no parking at all on the market square and there are plans for stringent parking controls. Until the experimental order is in place, the town council is asking shoppers and visitors to respect that and avoid parking there. Once the order is in place, this will become a permanent arrangements.