Wisbech man placed on Sex Offenders’ Register

A MAN who jumped naked on to a woman’s bed and sexually assaulted her, has been placed on the Sex offender’s Register for five years.

Michael Missen was also given a six-week suspended jail sentence by Fenland magistrates, during which he must take part in the Thames Valley sex offender programme.

He will receive alcohol treatment and supervision by the probation service for three years.

Missen, 38, of Lynn Road, Wisbech, was also made subject to a restraining order keeping him away from his victim and her address in the future. The court ordered him to pay �200 compensation to his victim, and �85 costs.

At an earlier hearing, the court heard how Missen assaulted the woman who had allowed him to sleep on her sofa, and ripped her nightdress.

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He had been drinking, and told his victim: “come on, you know you want it.” He straddled her, grabbed her breasts and tried to kiss her.

He pulled at her nightdress, and was slapped on the face as the woman wriggled free. Her cat scratched Missen during the attack.

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“He told police that he had thought the relationship could progress to the next level, and in his mind that meant sex,” said prosecutor Nicola Rice. “Reality came crashing down when she slapped him. He had drunk a lot of alcohol that night.”

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