Wisbech lottery winner taken to court by his son - but a judge throws out the case

Euro Lottery winners Dave and Angela Dawes from Wisbech.

Euro Lottery winners Dave and Angela Dawes from Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

An ex-naval officer, whose father won £101 million on the lottery, has failed in a bid to sue him after he was cut out of his fortune.

Former Wisbech factory worker Dave Dawes, hit the Euromillions jackpot with his wife, Angela, in 2011.

But following a row at a birthday party, the estranged son, Afghanistan veteran Michael Dawes, 32, took him to court, accusing his father of withholding money.

Dawes junior said his father had failed in a promise to always look after him financially.

Judge Nigel Gerald threw out the case in a hearing at the central London county court.

After the lottery win six years ago, Mr Dawes and his wife shared their good fortune, giving away substantial amounts to family and close friends.

Overall, the couple lavished £30 million on others as well as setting up their own charity.

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Two of the main beneficiaries were their son and his civil partner, James Beedle.

The couple say they gave them around £1.5million in just two years after the win.

But Michael is said to have burnt through much of the cash his dad gave him.

The son brought a case as he said Dave and Angela were obliged to keep “topping up” his income indefinitely.

Michael, who was serving in Afghanistan when his dad got lucky, insisted he was given repeated assurances that he would never be short of cash.

And he told the court that, when his dad phoned him from the UK to give him the good news about his win, he promised he would always be looked after.

He and his partner say they based a series of key life decisions on that assumption - including James, a former lieutenant in the Royal Navy Fleet Auxiliary, giving up his services career.

Michael and James looked for a ruling that, for as long as Dave and Angela live, they kept financially supporting them.

He said the money from his dad and step-mother had helped him with his mortgage, to buy a BMW, and also to help out his own friends and his partner’s family.

Dave and Angela suggested that he receive regular payments rather than “bulk” hand-outs but after a drunken disagreement at a family party Michael said there was a rift between them and the financial support ceased.