“Business as usual” for Wisbech Lions as it continues work during coronavirus lockdown

Wisbech Lions continue their support for the community during the coronavirus lockdown.

Wisbech Lions continue their support for the community during the coronavirus lockdown. - Credit: Wisbech Lions Club

Lions keep in touch virtually using Zoom and Facebook and share useful updates for the community using the ‘Wisbech Lions Club’ Facebook page.

They are among the many organisations which have had to look at innovative ways to keep in touch, and continue their worthwhile efforts from home.

While they’ve been providing helpful guidance through online updates, the group has also been getting to grips with technology during the lockdown.

A letter sent to The Standard from Wisbech Lions said: “Like so many, this means we have had to look at newer innovative ways to keep in touch with one another and continue business as usual.

“We heard that Zoom was a way forward. It is a good system for those members who have a computer or phone and can access the Zoom software. However, this precludes three of our older members with no facilities from being so involved.

“Members held a practice Zoom meeting that was funny, frustrating but overall rewarding, once we all saw faces instead of tops of heads or chests, dogs and teacups. The free for all conversation quickly ceased when we realised we were all talking at the same time and fortunately everyone was dressed!”

They held their monthly business meeting on Zoom - within the 40-minute time limit the platform allows for free - and then their usual social meeting where a new Lion was inducted.

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“Judy Hodgson has been well known to us for many years and it was a real pleasure to see the ceremony conducted with great dignity despite the distances between us,” the update says,

“This is always a special occasion and certainly Lion Judy will remember it as a historic moment in the lifetime of our Club. We look forward to a repeat of part of the ceremony when we can meet again (soon we hope).”

Members are going to try and include those without the technology over the phone for forthcoming meetings and those who can, keep up-to-date with news using the “Wisbech Lions Members” Facebook group. Spouses are also able to join.

While “sadly not active on the streets”, the Wisbech Lions Club page on Facebook has been particularly popular with community news and updates.

The letter ends: “So, in our small way, we are looking after one another, still helping in the community and learning new skills.

“We can only hope we can get out and about again very soon to enjoy fundraising activities and meeting the Wisbech community we miss so much.

“It’s tough but we are alive and happy to follow our Lions motto – ‘We Serve’. After all ‘Kindness Matters’ doesn’t it!”