Wisbech in Bloom volunteer left devastated after vandals target displays

A WISBECH in Bloom volunteer was left devastated after vandals damaged flowers that the group had planted outside the Oasis Centre.

Pauline Frusher, who lives in the Waterlees area of the town, was left dismayed after two separate attempts were made to ruin displays outside the community centre yesterday.

Donations for the displays had been made by Wisbech Town Council, Wisbech Round Table, Wurzels farm shop and a number of individuals from the town.

Mrs Frusher said: “We’re lucky that the troughs haven’t been damaged but that’s not the point. It’s just mindless and needless vandalism.

“I just feel bitter about it all and I feel sorry for our sponsors. They have donated a considerable amount and I think it’s terrible for them. It may not mean a lot to some people because I’m very cross and our sponsors might feel look like they’ve wasted their money.”

Mrs Frusher and husband Neville have been helped by other volunteers to plant and look after a number of troughs and flower beds around the Waterlees area of the town.

She said she is concerned that vandals may continue to target the area after attacking the new �1million Waterlees playground on countless occasions.

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Mrs Frusher said: “We’re doing something for the community and trying to brighten up what is described as a deprived area.

“We’re not hurting anybody and we’re trying to make the place look nicer so I find it all very upsetting. People should have more respect.”